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Our Services


Leaders need new skills to manage a world that is changing rapidly and interconnected like no time before. Develop leaders who thrive in fast paced global and multinational environments.


Leverage our experts with experience in managing cultural diversity in business to build the skills your teams and leaders need to successfully adapt in an increasingly globalized world.


Build the essential soft skills of your teams to work more effectively in core areas from global sales and negotiations, to presentations and effective project management.


Identify and accelerate leadership and high potential talent growth through tailored goal setting and development plans working one-on-one with experienced executive coaches.


Measure and benchmark employee engagement, leadership capability, crisis management, cross-cultural competence and organizational culture to improve strategic growth.


Engage your teams in putting forward and collecting their best ideas to address business challenges. Leverage collective experience and wisdom to manage change and set better strategy.


Preparing leaders to better face our rapidly changing business world, diverse and complex workforces and global marketplaces requires new and critical leadership skills. Our Global Leadership series is designed to build a more complex leadership worldview at different stages in the leadership pipeline. Courses are matched to the participants position in the pipeline to provide the right skills, mindset, and tools to better lead and manage in global organizations.

Our senior consultants bring at least a decade of multinational leadership development experience to their projects. Our unique solutions are off-the-shelf workshops and customized programs that can include training, assessments, coaching, and facilitation to get your leaders thinking new and global.


  • 3A Global Leadership – Managing Global Teams
  • High Potential Leadership Development
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Change Management
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Line Managers Development Series
  • Leading Teams in Country X
  • Women’s Leadership

Our Intercultural Solutions team includes consultants, coaches, facilitators and trainers who are certified in cutting edge methods, models and industry-standard tools to deliver workshops and solutions that build intercultural competence as well as organizational effectiveness.

Our services include educational workshops, individual and organizational working style assessments, coaching intercultural skills for global talent, corporate D&I cascades and relocation programs.

Our clients who use these services include Fortune 500 multinationals, Chinese private and state-owned enterprises, and embassies and consulates across Asia.


  • Intercultural Effectiveness
  • Global Team Effectiveness
  • Effective Virtual Teaming
  • Relocation Coaching Pre-Departure and Post-Departure Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policies and Development
  • Working with Colleagues from Country X

Our team of Professional Skills trainers and facilitators build the soft skills needed to improve our client’s effectiveness. Our experts create a big impact and an interactive learning experience through experiential learning activities with active reviewing and tailor-made simulations and cases.

Our clients trust the experience and expertise we provide and use our workshops as stand-alone programs to develop critical skills or as part of training plans to complement a holistic learning program.

Our signature professional skills include Executive presence, global negotiations, presenting to international audience and project management.


  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Presenting to International Audiences
  • Time Management
  • Executive Presence
  • Business Writing and Report Writing
  • Effective Meeting
  • Global Negotiation and Influencing Skills
  • Train the Trainer
  • Project Management
  • HR for Non-HR
  • Finance for Non-Finance

Our executive coaches accelerate development by providing personalized one-to-one support for leaders to find new ways to strengthen their personal leadership capability, grow their teams and add value to their organization.

Each coaching project is leveraged by assessments and stakeholder feedback to help each leader achieve their development goals. Coaching engagements can run from three to six to twelve months depending on the targeted level of development with milestones and a structured development plan.

Our coaching candidates include leaders at levels from future successors to senior leadership, to newly promoted or onboarded middle and senior leaders, to high potentials with various development needs.


  • Assessment Results Debrief
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Leading Global Teams
  • Leading Change
  • Spokesman Coaching
  • Leadership Transition and/or Expansion
  • Post Global M&A Coaching

We offer a range of assessment and benchmarking services to measure and develop your team’s capabilities and help them adapt to different cultural, personality, leadership and work styles. Our team of associates are certified in various tools and assessments to help employees and leaders strengthen self-awareness, collaboration and communication.

Our unique in-house tools, designed by our team of psychologists and experts, include the Sino Leadership Feedback (LF360), Employee Engagement and Pulse Survey (EES and EEPS), Cultural Style Indicator (CSI), 3A Global Leadership assessment and development, Intercultural Development and Adaptation IUA assessments, Post M&A Cultural Integration Analysis.



Sino Associates’ Branded Assessments and Organizational Benchmarks:

  • Sino LF 360 Assessment
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Cultural Style Indicator
  • 3A Global Leadership
  • Cultural Integration Survey
  • Crisis Management Inventory

Licensed Assessments:

  • Leadership Development Profile
  • Intercultural Development Inventory
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B)
  • Everything DiSC

Our team is experienced in working with multicultural teams with diverse needs to ensure sure that everyone's ideas are captured and represented in the final facilitation results. Teams find their creativity more fully represented as well as actionable steps to improve strategy and managing change.

Our facilitation services team is comprised of experts who use a variety of techniques ranging from visual facilitation, to active reviewing and Game Storming techniques to engage participants in creating the most value for their team interactions.


  • Change Management Facilitation
  • Corporate Culture Facilitation
  • Cultural Integration Facilitation
  • Vision Alignment Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Cross Departmental Facilitation
  • Post Mergers and Acquisitions Facilitation
  • Organizational Leadership Simulation