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Executive Coaching


Our executive coaches accelerate development by providing personalized one-to-one support for leaders to find new ways to strengthen themselves and their teams, as well as add value to their organization.

Each coaching project is leveraged by assessments and stakeholder feedback to help leaders achieve their development goals. Coaching engagements can run from three to six to twelve months, depending on the targeted level of development, with milestones and a structured development plan.

Our coaching candidates include candidates from successors to senior leadership, to newly promoted or onboarded middle and senior leaders, and high potential leaders who have various development needs.

  • Assessment Results Debrief
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Leading Global Teams
  • Leading Change
  • Spokesman Coaching
  • Leadership Transition and/or Expansion
  • Post Global M&A Coaching

Client Case 1

An Indian chemical manufacturing company based in northern China wanted to develop an incoming Plant Manager who was an inhouse talent. Focused goals for the Plant Manager were for him to be more confident and effective in influencing at the global team level,as well as build improved communication and empathy with his subordinates and his overall factory.

We provided assessment-based coaching on a 6-month schedule and started the program with three assessments including our Sino Leadership Feedback 360, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator(MBTI) Step II,and FIRO-B assessments. Through goal setting with his senior stakeholders and the candidate and reviewing assessments, we aligned on key goals to improve communication,feedback and understanding, business acumen,and global confidence during high level meetings.

After the end of the 6-month program, 360 reports came back from subordinates and peers that noted increases in the Plant Manager’s coaching, empathy and understanding of employee needs. Overseas colleagues reported the Plant Managers showed increased sense of confidence, improved communication and better results in global meetings. Higher level management recognized stronger connections and impact in the Plant Manager‘s strategic decision making in times of crisis.


For incoming China CEO, Global F500 Company

Client Case 2

Our client, a global Fortune 500 automotive component manufacturer, contacted us while creating the induction for their incoming China CEO – an executive with extensive industry expertise and international experience but new to China. The new CEO faced a potentially sensitive press conference within the first 3 weeks of taking his position

Our experienced media consultant prepared a customized overview of the Chinese media, alerting the CEO to differences between Chinese business and trade media in his field versus the media in other countries in which he had worked. Next, we created a series of realistic media interviews as preparation for the upcoming press conference and potential challenging posts via social media (consumers, bloggers). In each mock interview, the spokesman was videotaped. The consultant then reviewed the recording with the consultant, live, to emphasize areas for improvement in terms of content, delivery, emotion, and professional handling of sensitive topics. Also analyzed: relaxed posture, appropriate facial expression, steady eye contact, natural gestures, confident voice, and other aspects of body language.

Post coaching, the spokesman was well prepared not only for his first press briefing (in which challenging questions were posed), but also for future media interviews and for ongoing sensitive, recurring social media posts. He was left with a ‘toolkit’ to use when facing media, as well as an action plan to strengthen key aspects of his spokesman delivery in terms of verbal language, body language, and emotions.

Executive Presence Coaching Program

Senior Executive Making a Case for Promotion

Client Case 3

A Fortune 100 British Energy company’s South China senior leader felt that his career was not advancing as quickly as he expected. After engaging a coach to build executive presence both he and the coach engaged stakeholders in collecting feedback on potential goals. They confirmed the suspicion that stakeholders viewed his ability to convey confidence in his decision to his among global leadership team members was affecting the view in the organization of his ability grow beyond his current role.

After gathering stakeholder feedback and leveraging his own personal development goals the executive with his senior coach built a development plan that included taking on active speaking roles with international audiences and collecting evidence-based feedback from his coach on areas to improve when presenting his ideas and decisions. Leveraging feedback, coaching based inquiry, applications to stretch out of his comfort zone, and 1:1 practices and role play the executive built on his communication skills to create greater presence at senior global levels.

After the end of the 6-month program, the senior leader received positive feedback from his global stakeholders on noticing a difference in how he presented himself and his team. The senior leader also began to take more prominent roles in his business community going forward from the coaching in order to expand his presence and that of the organization, which in turn reaffirmed to his peers that he was beginning to further develop his career potential.