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Our team is experienced in working with multicultural teams with diverse needs to ensure sure that everyone's ideas are captured and represented in the final facilitation results. Teams find their creativity more fully represented as well as actionable steps to improve strategy and managing change.

Our facilitation services team is comprised of experts who use a variety of techniques ranging from visual facilitation, to active reviewing and Game Storming techniques to engage participants in creating the most value for their team interactions.

  • Corporate Culture Facilitation
  • Cultural Integration Facilitation
  • Vision Alignment Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Cross Departmental Facilitation
  • Change Management Facilitation
  • Post Mergers and Acquisitions Facilitation
  • Organizational Leadership Simulation

The Volcano

Each teams, representing different research teams from the same university, must climb Mt. Humma Explosivikki.

Teams have less than 24 hours to climb the volcano to retrieve cultural heritage items before the volcano explodes

When the volcano erupts all team members must be off the volcano or surely perish

Individual, team and organizational goals and resources are challenged, how do we maximize our outcome?

Link Volcano results to realities of change,leverage growth mindset and commit to future business outputs and opportunities



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thumb PhD Student
thumb Tenured Professor

Aligning a Cross Departmental Strategy in South Asia

Client Case 1

After working with a Fortune 100 food and beverage company in China for several years to develop their China vision and strategy,we were invited to facilitate the vision and strategy of their Pakistan leadership team in Dubai.

Through facilitated discussions,senior leaders identified and drafted their strategy for the next five years. Facilitators provided further sessions after the meeting to help the senior leaders cascade the vision in their organization to gain full participation.

The Pakistan plant reported greater stability and engagement across levels and departments after the facilitated session. Engagement results showed a clearer sense of purpose and understanding of the business in key teams. To continue building on results,Sino Associates has been invited back to update the Pakistan vision and strategy in the next stage of their growth.

Change Management Facilitation: Collaborating Across Plants

Manufacturing in South China

Client Case 2

A Manufacturing organization with two separate plants in Dongguan wanted to find a way to optimize work and resources between the two plants in their post-COVID 19 strategy. The two plants had discovered vulnerabilities in each site during the COVID crisis and realized that by collaborating they could help ensure that both could survive and thrive going forward even if they were exposed to a similar crisis.

Through a two-part facilitation series teams went through the fifteen steps of mapping out change vision, impact and available resources to support a series of projects that would serve to bring the two plants closer together. Between sessions teams took a customized Change Impact Assessment and came back a month later with with initial steps to build detailed strategies and plans to ensure that nearly 20 projects could move forward.

After the second session participants returned to finish their detailed project plans with collaborators from each plant. Reassessing change readiness showed that teams were more confident in the vision and change direction and additionally felt they had more agency and resources to execute the change with senior leadership support.

Strategic Alignment and Ten Year Vision Facilitation

China Region Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Client Case 3

A Fortune 100 Fast Moving Consumer Goods company underwent a realignment shift from being a part of APAC to becoming their own global region and market. In order to take advantage of their new flexibility and opportunity to service their customers, they engaged Sino’s facilitation team to hold a special two-day workshop to engage leaders in a new vision to triple their reach in ten years.

The custom designed two-day session included guest speakers from industry innovators. During the first day senior leaders identified multiple opportunities to support rapid growth in their new organizational structure. During the second day teams worked together to develop unique projects in the market to accelerate growth and collaborate across business divisions.

At the end of the workshop senior leaders had selected programs to launch with initial plans on how to make them a success. Based on feedback leaders also identified trends for the next three years including accelerating digitalization of sales and distribution. Feedback from China Region CEO and his team indicated that the senior leaders were more aligned and clearer as to what actions would take them into the future they envisioned.